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Sium sisarum

Latin Name

     Sium sisarum

Alternative Name


Description & Uses

Mature Skirret plants may reach 6' in height.  young plants, however, tend to reach between 2 & 4' in their first two seasons.  Skirret leaves consist of one to five  pairs of narrow , pointed, finely toothed, mid-green leaflets and one terminal leaflet.  Older leaves may turn red in autumn.  Stems are hollow, ridged and branched and may be reddish in colour towards the base.  Roots consist of hair-lie roots and numerous light brown skinned oblong tubers with white flesh.

Shoots may be boiled or stir-fried.  Roots may be cooked as any root vegetable.


Skirret will grow in full sun or light shade and prefers a rich but well-drained alkaline soil.  In spring, the plants may be grown from seed or the crown of mature plants can be divided, leaving about three tubers to each piece.  Thin young plants to 12" apart or plant divided pieces at the same distance.

Young shoots can be gathered in spring.  Roots can be dug as required, severing them from the base of the stem.


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